Der Atem der Angst (German Edition)

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Beantworte die Fragen auf Deutsch. Answer the questions in German.

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Beantworte diese Fragen. Answer these questions. Complete the following gap-text with one word for each gap from the list below. Complete the table in German.

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Es ist welche Person? Which person is it? Write the name in the box. Gib zwei Details. Give two details. Write the correct letter in the box. Write R , if the statement is correct, F , if the statement is false and NT , if the statement is not mentioned.

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It is not necessary to write in full sentences. Choose the correct activity and write the correct letter in the box. Welche sechs Aussagen sind richtig? Which six statements are correct?

Welche Antwort ist richtig? Which answer is correct?

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German English Beschreib You must write approximately 40 words in German. You must write approximately 90 words in German. Ihr blieb vor Schreck fast das Herz stehen. Since the literal translation is not common in German you should search for other idioms that would fit better depending on context, like one of these:.

You might opt for other idiomatic expressions:.

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But both is more used in situation where you are more happy then shocked like the other suggestions. The closest translations would be. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question.

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Ben walked into the room and her heart skipped a beat. How do you say "your heart skips a beat" in German? Em1 35k 7 7 gold badges 68 68 silver badges bronze badges. DerPolyglott33 DerPolyglott33 6, 13 13 gold badges 51 51 silver badges bronze badges.

3.5.2 General vocabulary

In the context of fright or fear common German idiomatic expressions are: Ihr stockte vor Schreck das Herz. The Sun My boyfriend gasps in horror and we go to bed not talking. Some had their mouths open as if gasping for a last breath. The only sound from the 4, people watching is a collective gasp of awe. They gasp for breath and gush sweat. Aislinn gasped in pain and bit her lips against crying out.

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Kathleen E. Danlo took in a quick gasp of air and held it until his lungs burned with the urge to breathe. Zindell, David The Broken God He gasped for air, and blood sprayed from his mouth. Her weight lay on their arms and she gasped in pain at his brutal grasp. She gasped in surprise but abruptly hid her astonishment from her mother who looked up at the sound.

"jdm den Atem verschlagen" in English

She took a gasp of breath and glanced aside. And yet soon, they were back into gasping for breath. The following morning the pond was seriously cloudy and smelly and the fish were gasping for air. This is the last gasp of summer. But all cheers dried into audible gasps of shock. I was gasping for air but couldn't get any in.