Life Lessons from David

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What about us? All of us have challenges, no matter who we are or how things look on the outside. Of course, life itself can be challenge at times. The hard times can make us strong. Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.

Surviving the burdens of life – lessons from David

This quality is not hereditary and it has nothing to do with your talent or even your anointing. I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much. Give your best efforts to face it head on and believe for a solution. Give it your best prayers, your best thinking and your best energy.

Sometimes there are tough choices to be made, changes to be embraced and maybe even compromises where we have to choose less than the ideal. Sometimes you need to try a different approach — a different tack.

5 Leadership Lessons from King David

Look at it a different way or do something different about it. Because God always makes his grace available for us when facing challenges. Grace is his goodness but also his ability and his strength to cope 2 Cor. Challenges do many things but one thing is for sure - they make you dependent. You are acutely aware of your desperate need for God. You pray more and you trust and rely far less in your self not a bad place to be. Expect things to work out well and in the mean time embrace a high tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty Jer.

We can slowly begin to believe that things will never change or that the challenges may never go away. What challenge are you facing right now? He said that God was repaying David for all the blood he had shed and that the Lord had handed over the kingdom to his son Absalom. He also saw that the Lord might see his distress and repay David with good for the cursing he was receiving.

So David and his men continued along the road under the cursing and stone throwing of Shimei. They arrived exhausted and so then refreshed themselves. Our ability to take criticism can make or break us. No one is indifferent to criticism — it causes us to respond either positively growth and maturity or negatively bitter and resentful. Leaders are more subject to criticism than any other people.

Is God saying something to you? Understand the difference between constructive and destructive criticism. Look beyond the words and determine the motives. Is there a gentle or judgmental attitude? Is it for personal benefit and growth or from personal hurt? Hurt people hurt people. Learn to laugh at yourself and admit your mistakes. We all do silly and stupid things. Who said it is as important as what was said.

A negative attitude toward a critic can be more destructive than the criticism itself. Jesus, whose motives were pure and character was spotless, was called a glutton Mt. When were exhausted or feeling low emotionally, we are more vulnerable to criticism. Time will prove most things. People criticised today may be applauded tomorrow e. Rise above the critics. Are you experiencing criticism? How are you responding to it? He loves God with all of his heart and this relationship with God is his priority above all other things.

He loves to worship God as well as to pour out his heart to God, no matter what is happening in his life just read the Psalms.


We need to do the same. David made his relationship with God central to his life. He valued the presence of God, hence his efforts to get the Ark of the Covenant back into Jerusalem 2 Sam. He recognised the great value of the ark as the earthly throne of the God of Israel.

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When David was told, "Look, the Philistines are fighting against Keilah and are looting the threshing-floors," he enquired of the Lord, saying, "Shall I go and attack these Philistines? How much more, then, if we go to Keilah against the Philistine forces!

He listened to messages through other people whether prophets or priests. He also prayed and sought God personally. Even when he did receive them, he did not carry them out fully.


Example from Steve Fry : Married couples often have children out of the intimacy of their relationship. Babies are a gift from God but often they can take up so much time and attention that married couples neglect their own intimacy of relationship.

"Waiting On God" - Life Lessons From King David

The same can happen in our relationship with God. Out of our intimacy with him he births vision and ministry ideas into our spirit. If we are not careful, we can become so busy looking after our ministries and pursuing our vision, that we forget our intimacy of relationship with God. How are you and God doing right now? This guy is got to be tough, resilient, unflinching, and made of steel. Yes, David is all of that but we also see a kindness in the way he treats people. This is especially seen in the story of 2 Sam. David was a kind leader who wanted to honour his friends and their families.

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  • He had not forgotten his promise to Jonathan 1 Sam. You have also given me the shield of your salvation; your right hand has held me up, your gentleness you stoop down — NIV has made me great. When we use our authority to encourage people and to show kindness to them, it can have a powerful impact. Small acts of kindness go a long way! Be Aware of Your Vulnerability to Temptation Story of David committing adultery with Bathsheba is well known, as are the ongoing negative consequences of his actions see 2 Sam. David sends Joab off to battle and decides to stay home in Jerusalem vs.

    SHARING LIFE LESSONS with David Vieira

    Maybe David is getting tired of fighting the battles himself and thinks that he can take a back seat now. It is now about 10 years since he became king. Has complacency set in? The ark of God is out in the field of battle, not at home with David vs.


    As a result, he places himself in a vulnerable position. There is no urgent cause or purpose to which he is directing his energies. This puts him in a situation where he is distracted, tempted and then drawn away into sin. David breaks four of the Ten Commandments Ex.

    5 Powerful Life Lessons from David and Goliath

    This sin brought the death penalty Lev. One sin leads to another and to further deceit. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. God has been good to him and he loves the Lord with all his heart. But, oh the depth of sinfulness in the heart of every man! David lets down his guard and then makes some decisions with awful consequences.

    He got caught up in a wed of temptation set by the enemy. Thankfully, when confronted 2 Sam. He was forgiven, though the consequences of his sin continued to haunt him the rest of his life. In return for my friendship they accuse me, but I am a man of prayer. Psalm 35 is a prayer to be rescued from those who taunted him. As usual, he finishes with praise.