Pinheads and Patriots: Where You Stand in the Age of Obama

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At the beginning of the book he wastes ink juxtaposing the patriot with the pinhead. Very philosophical stuff. If your brain is a rock. His choices are more personal than principled: By what logic is Marilyn Monroe a patriot but Madonna a pinhead? Why do these divas even matter to a political commentator? What do they have to do with my place in the age of Obama?

The singular chapter which piqued my interest also had nothing to do with Obama. He offers some valuable reflections on this point. Skip Pinheads and Patriots if you value your time and intellect. Mar 19, Carl Alves rated it really liked it. Because the author was narrating, it sounded much like his television show. I really enjoyed the concept of the novel, where he analyzed the first eighteen months of the Obama administration as well as looking at contemporary people as well as people throughout history to analyze whether they qualify into the category of patriot or pinhead.

What I most enjoyed about the book is the level of research that O'Reilly put into his opinions. These weren't knee-jerk reactions. He put a good deal of analysis, and used a fair-handed approach.

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For the individuals and situations he commented on, he usually gave positive and negatives, with the exception of Jane Fonda, who made his pinhead hall of fame. I thoroughly enjoyed the way he broke down such people as Lassie, Marilyn Monroe, Robert Kennedy, and some of our past presidents. When he analyzed JFK, he gave some strong positives and some negatives, showing that there are generally two sides to a coin, and things aren't always black and white. The book was both entertaining and informative, and regardless of your political affiliation, worth reading.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street View 1 comment. I know a lot of people don't like Bill O'Reilly. Make of that what you will. I think he is fair and balanced and his reports are based on facts rather than conjecture. I appreciate his love for our country and the fact that he is not afraid to call people in positions of power and influence to a certain measure of accountability. He speaks his mind with confidence, and I admire that. I don't always agree with him but I appreciate and respect what he he does and how he goes about doing it.

Pinheads and Patriots

In this book, O'Reilly turns his attention to President Obama and others and asks the question, "Is this person a pinhead or a patriot. In most cases, his designation is based on the actions on record of the people he is describing. However, there are times when he cuts lose with his own opinion.

He always warns you before he does though. I prefer to listen to O'Reilly's books on CD because the man is, after all, a professional broadcaster and he has a great voice. Hearing him read his own writing is a genuine pleasure.

Pinheads and Patriots by Bill O'Reilly

Reading his words in print is fine, but audio takes it to a whole new level. For starters, the last chapter of the book was so annoying to read because it was O'Reilly's entire interview with Obama I mean, word for uh, ummm, well, word. I got headache reading that part so several pages into the interview is where I stopped reading it. Finally, this book was really nothing more than a series of rambling ideas that popped into O'Reilly's head as he was writing this book.

He even made the point of writing that at the beginning of the chapter where he randomly selected people from history to label as a pinhead or a patriot. My last thought is that there was no point to this book.

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Jan 23, Nathan rated it it was ok. Waste of time. How does one man grind out so many books?

By avoiding true insight and substance. O'Reilly is not a bad guy. He clearly has skills as a marketer and self promoter but of what he says and does is packaging. He appropriates the term patriot to mean someone with whom he agrees and a pinhead not. Alliteration is not substance and the perpetual use of the term patriot is grating. He relishes his luddism and promotes his experience as a traditional journalist. O'Reilly employs the same writing style as Obama: Detail the extreme positions of an issue and proclaim yourself in the sensible center.

Bill O'Reilly Talks Pinheads and Patriots

This sort of rhetorical trick sooths the reader who has an aversion to confrontation without articulating and defending a solid position. The technique amounts to self promotion devoid of argument. Here are a few quotes to offer a flavor of the book. I pay people to do that. Oct 06, Cactuskid rated it liked it.

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It you watch his show you already know a lot of this, but his word for word 2 interviews with Obama were interesting. The first one was when he was a candidate and the other was Super Bowl Sunday. Too bad the mainstream media didn't pick up on some of Bill's first questions, our country might be in better shape today as people might have figured out he is not what we needed as a president.

Jan 12, Teechbiz rated it liked it. Before you think this was an anti-Obama screed, it's not. While O'Reilly defiitely disagrees with some of Obama's policies he does not classify him as a pinhead. O'Reilly also had some interesting things to say about technology.

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This book was not on par with his others. Apr 08, Nicholas Piva rated it liked it. In his perspective, a patriot is somebody who stands up for their country throughout there life. While, a Pinhead is somebody that is terribly misguided and thinks more less altruistically. Any person can be classified into one of the previous categories, but this book is mostly about giving light to certain acts, rather than people as a whole.

The first person he talked about that sparked my brain was Barney Frank, the Massachusett House of representative. Two months later, after many Americans invested in Fannie May and Freddie Mac, the stock market crashed, and now Frank is trying to change his story. This guy is a definite pinhead, no spin.

Pinheads and Patriots: Where You Stand in the Age of Obama

Next the book goes into a detail about the issue of border control with regards to how Bush junior and Obama handled it. However, Bush did a much better job and had a lot of national guard residing over the border for protection. Obama took off most of the guard with the notion that he would gain approval from the people.

This backfired and now he put on roughly national guard, which is a joke compared to the large border. Many people fired at Obama with his handling of the BP oil spill of This was an outrage to many Americans.