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The Chilean women in the reading , in a clandestine revolution, stitched together arpilleras that told the hidden story of the disappeared victims of Pinochet. Students develop an understanding of contemporary antisemitism in the United States through the case of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. Through a mask-making activity, students learn that they can conceal or reveal aspects of their identity.

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Exploring Purim Through Facing History Resources in Your Classroom As Purim approaches, we begin to think about the themes of the holiday such as antisemitism , identity, and the choices that the characters in Megillat Esther made to ensure the survival of the Jewish people. The story of Purim is a story that takes place in the balance between fate and agency.

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The Book of Esther (Episode 12a)

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What Is Purim?

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What is Purim? An introduction to the Jewish holiday

Starting from the opposite long side, roll the dough, narrowly folding in the sides halfway through. Gently pinch the end to the roll. Repeat for each roll, and place the rolls seam side down on the baking sheet. Allow rolls to rise for at least 30 minutes more. The king is outraged that anyone would dare threaten his queen and when he asks who has done such a thing Esther declares that Haman is to blame.

One of Esther's servants then tells the king that Haman had erected a pole upon which he planned to impale Mordechai. King Ahasuerus instead commands that Haman is impaled. He then takes his signet ring from Haman and gives it to Mordechai, who is also given Haman's estate. Then, the king gives Esther the power to overturn Haman's orders. Esther issues an edict giving Jews in every city the right to assemble and protect themselves against anyone who may try to harm them. When the appointed day arrives, the Jews defend themselves against their attackers, killing and destroying them.

According to the Book of Esther, this happened on the 13th of Adar "and on the 14th [day] [the Jews] rested and made it a day of feasting and joy" Esther Share Flipboard Email. Updated February 03, Haman Punishes the Jews. Esther Appeals to the King. At the banquet, King Ahasuerus asks his wife again, what does she desire?

She answers:.